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About Novaline Critical Cleaning Technologies

Novaline established in 1985 is a fully Australian owned company and is a leading supplier of a wide range of cleaning agents and equipment with many years of experience in the design, building, installation and ongoing support / management of near-zero emission Precision Cleaning Systems and the supply of relevant materials.

We have been providing Complete Process Solutions for Critical Cleaning Requirements to various industry groups and are up to date with current processes and World's Best Practice technologies.

Novaline works with a range of industry and goverment departments to design, manufacture, depoly and precision clean various industrial equipment.

Defence Forces Electronics/Deflu
xing Forensic Sciences
Metal Working
Nuclear Sciences

Critical Cleaning Tech Articles And Precision Cleaning System Tech Articles

3M Novec Engineered Solvent Fluids @ Novaline
Novaline is a leading distributor agent for all 3M Novec Engineered Solvent Fluids in Australia, not only providing these specality solvent fluids but industry renound service and engineering.

Novec fluid HFE-7100 is used in a diverse range of industries. Its convenient boiling point and excellent environmental, health and safety profile make it useful in applications like heat transfer, cleaning, lubricant deposition and more. Its boiling point (61°C) and increased solvency make Novec fluid HFE-7100 an ideal cleaning solvent in applications like vapor degreasing, wet cleaning and FOUP cleaning. Low surface tension helps it to penetrate into tight spaces found in delicate electronic equipment - providing a thorough and complete clean. HFE-7100 is non-ozone depleting, is not a volatile organic compound (VOC) and is approved without restrictions under the US EPA's Significant New Alternatives Program (SNAP). Depending on the type of soil to be cleaned,Novec fluid HFE-7100 can be used "neat" or in combination with other solvents. The product is compatible with most metals,plastics and elastomers.

Specialty Solvents from the 3M™ range of Engineered Fluids

  • HFE-72DA HFE-72DE
  • HFE-7000 HFE-7100 HFE-7200 HFE-7500 HFE-8200

Specialty Solvents from the 3M™ range of Performance Fluids

  • PF-5030 PF-5050 PF-5052 PF-5056
  • PF-5060DL PF-5070 PF-5080

Specialty Liquids from the 3M™ range of Fluorinert™ Fluids

  • FC-40 FC-70 FC-72 FC-75 FC-77

Petroferm Specialty Cleaning Agents @ Novaline

A comprehensive range of PETROFERM® cleaning agents is available specifically engineered for use in all major types of cleaning processes: aqueous, semi-aqueous, non-aqueous, and vapour degreasing. Precision cleaning products range from simple, hand-wipe cleaning to sophisticated,close-loop semi-aqueous processes.

The AXAREL® product line is composed of semi-aqueous, aqueous and manual defluxers, as well as stencil and misprint cleaning agents.

BIOACT® products include a wide variety of the same category of cleaners with the addition of one vapour degreasing product.

The LENIUM® brand line provides users with three categories of vapor degreasing solvents

Aerospace Approved Product Range
Lenium BA                  Bioact PCG         Axarel 4100
Re-Entry Prepsolv     Bioact 105          Axarel 6100
                                  Bioact 145          Axarel 9100
                                  Bioact 280          Axarel 52
                                                             Axarel 56
Vapour Degreasing

LENIUM® products provide current users of vapor degreasers with economical,
drop-in replacements of HCFCs, HFCs and chlorinated solvents.

Lenium® ES - is ideal for removing contaminants such as oils, greases, silicone fluids, adhesives,resins, waxes and flux residues from metal substrates. It is a direct replacement for 1,1,1-trichloroethane, HCFC-141b, HCFC-225 hydrofluorocarbons, methylene chlolride and Trichloroethane TCA and Trichloroethylene TCE in vapor degreasers.

Lenium® TS - is a solvent based silicone tube swelling product which has approvals in many products for USA Federal Drug Administration FDA rules

Lenium® GS - is a general purpose solvent specially formulated to remove contaminants such as oils, greases, adhesives, resins and flux residues. See news flash

Lenium® CP - used for light duty, precision cleaning of metal and plastic components. It is effective at cleaning silicone fluids, fluoriated contaminants, fingerprints and machining oils.

Also available in the Aqueous, Non-Aqueous and Semi-Aqueous range of products

Axarel® 36
Axarel® 2200
Axarel® 2200 wipes
Axarel® 6000 / 6100
Axarel® 9000 / 9100
Bioact® 50
Bioact® 55
Bioact® MSO
Bioact®105 wipes

Dupont Specialty Fluids - Vertrel®
DuPont Vertrel® specialty fluids are a family of hydrofluorocarbon-based solvents with zero ozone depletion and low global warming potential, ideal in use in vapour degreasing equipment for cleaning, rinsing, drying and carrier-fluid applications. Unique physical properties include low boiling points and low heats of vaporization for low energy consumption and excellent solvent retention, low surface tension and low viscosity for effective wetting and soil removal, combined with nonflammability,chemical and thermal stability, low toxicity and ease of recovery by distillation and are formulated for a broad range of applications including multi-purpose use for scientific analysis.

Vertrel® XF is pure decafluoropentane and is the principal ingredient for the entire Vertrel® specialty fluid product line as well for application by itself. Specialized Applications Unique dielectric properties make DuPont Vertrel® XF an excellent choice for a variety of dielectric applications including transformer coolants and electrical protective
equipment testing. Specialized applications include:

  • Flip Chip Cleaning
  • FOUP Cleaning
  • Oil and Grease Wastewater Analysis
  • Aerosol Applications
  • High-Voltage Applications
  • Precision Drilling Applications

Vertrel® MCA is a binary azeotrope of 1,2, trans-dichloroethylene with Vertrel® XF and is suited for medium - to heavy-duty precision cleaning applications and other specialized applications. Light soil removal from solvent-sensitive substrates. Oxygen system cleaning. Cleanliness verification. Oil and grease, wastewater, analysis.

Vertrel® XM is the methanol azeotrope with Vertrel® XF and is suited for light cleaning and particulate removal chores.

Vertrel® XMS Plus is a blend that behaves like an azeotrope and is ideally suited for defluxing flip chip assemblies and other low standoff components.

Vertrel® X-DA is a displacement drying fluid for a non-evaporative process for spot-free water removal.

Vertrel® X-B3 is a blend of Vertrel® XF and butyl cellosolve for drilling of high-strength alloys, particularly in the aerospace industry.

Medical Tube Swelling @ Novaline
Tube swelling applications had traditionally been base of the non flammable the of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). But now, with CFCs banned and HCFC`s facing phase out of ozone depleting substances, an alternative non Flammable solvent is needed. Novaline can provide a range of suitable fluids for all applications. Novaline fluids can swell silicone tubing in a manner similar to CFC-113 without the corresponding environmental hazards. Additionally, Novline fluids are non-flammable, non-ozone-depleting, have low global warming potential and are very low in toxicity.